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8 Days of Meteor

Stop dabbling and truly learn Meteor in 8 days.

You’re interested in building a web or mobile app with Meteor... but you aren't sure where to start. Perhaps you have looked over all the books, watched a few demo videos, skimmed several blog posts, and so on. But you still aren't certain on how to put into practice everything you have acquired to building an actual app!

It can be difficult knowing where to begin.

Should you copy code from a book and attempt to get it running? But, really, what is gained when you do that? Instead of fumbling around with trial and error, let's build a Meteor app together through a series of exercises delivered right to your inbox.

What happens when you join?

After joining, you will receive a daily email for 8 days. Each message will outline a particular area of the app as well as demonstrate how each feature should work. Moreover, every email will include the following items:


A Topic-Focused Lesson

Enjoy guided topics that have been picked to specifically help you build a working application, brick by brick. Each lesson comes with a small bit of explanation and links to the relevent bits of the meteor docs. I firmly believe that the road to being a top developer is learning where to find docs and how to read them.


A User Story

A user story is a small sentence that explains what a feature should do for a user with a particular focus on the why. When a developer knows the ultimate goal for a feature, it helps them know the long term vision to hopefully architect the best solution.


Goals For Building The App

Each email comes with specific goals to direct you in building the functional app. Most lessons come with 3 goals and an extra credit goal or two.


Links to Similar Code in Open Source Meteor Apps

One of the best ways to learn how to code is to read code others have written. As you read and gain knowledge about the code, you start to get insight into the why and how behind the code. This is also a great way to pick up concepts and ideas that might be new.


A Place to Comment and Discuss with Others

Who doesn't want a place to turn for help when you need it? Maybe you are proud of what you just wrote? Each email will include a link to a discussion spot.


Examples of Completed Code (Code & Video Package Only)

Stuck? Want to see an example of working code that solves the goals? The Code or Video package comes with a zip file that contains a Git repo with working code, including goals and extra credit work.


Video Tutorials Explaining How & Why (Video Package Only)

Want to get deeper and understand the why and how of using Meteor to build this app? The video package comes with a video for each day, where I talk through how I am building the app as I write the code on-screen.

Ultimately, the goal is to give you the tools necessary to learn hands-on by applying the lessons to building a Meteor app. This course will take you from being a Meteor beginner to a Junior developer!


  • Just the basic email course with no extras.
  • 8 days of email
  • A codebase of solutions
  • Videos of building the app
$15 one time


  • Get an entire codebase to browse and review.
  • 8 days of email
  • A codebase of solutions
  • Videos of building the app
Best Value $35 one time


  • Get comprehensive videos along with everything else.
  • 8 days of email
  • A codebase of solutions
  • Videos of building the app
$75 one time
Table of Contents
  • Starting and Structuring Your Meteor App
  • Logging in with User Accounts
  • Saving Data with Collections and MongoDB
  • Controlling Data on the Page with Templates & Spacebars
  • Routing Pages with Iron Router
  • Handling HTML Input with Meteor Events
  • Putting Data on the Page with Pub/Sub and Meteor
  • Using Meteor Methods & Sending Emails
Josh Owens

I'm the proprietor of, host of Crater Podcast, and open source czar that helped create over 10 Meteor packages and 40 apps in 12 months. When I'm not writing, podcasting, or teaching then you can find me running the Cincinnati Meteor meetup or helping people out over Airpair.