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Code Reviews

Save time and improve your app with this personal code review service.

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Code reviews are vital for your developer team growth.

Code reviews are vital to the health of your application. They bring in fresh eyes to look at the bits of code you are writing from day to day. These new eyes work best when they don't even 100% understand your application, because they can question the underlying assumptions the code might make, driving out potential bugs, security holes, or performance issues. At Spacedojo, our aim is to help people create clean, clear, concise code that does what it needs to do without exposing sensitive data or creating performance issues.

Javascript apps, particularly things like Meteor.js and Feathers.js, bring new code creation paradigms to the forefront. These new paradigms can be innovative, but also troublesome when you are diving deeper into how to build these Javascript applications.

Who should use the Code Reviews service?

This service is not for everyone. It is designed for serious businesses or developers that are looking to up their game.

Code reviews are perfect for you if:

  • You are a small or medium business with a Meteor application running in production.
  • You tried adding app servers, but horizontal scaling didn’t work for you.
  • You are getting ready to launch your app, but you are worried about security.
  • You want to make sure your developers are building what you want.
  • You are ready to grow your user base and take your application to the next level.
  • You've read blog posts on how to scale or secure your application, but are still unsure where to begin.
  • You have slowness issues, but don’t have the know-how or resources to fix the problem.
  • You have customer data and you worry you might be exposing it to the world.
  • You have a small team of developers that are unable to find the root cause of the slowness.

How do you know this will work?

I have over ten years of experience building and optimizing web applications, starting with Ruby on Rails. I've worked with companies such as Words With Friends and GoDaddy. At GoDaddy I was on a team that scaled and reworked the backend in an effort to reduce overall hosting costs. Not only did we reduce costs, we also managed to get the bank syncing job queue from not finishing to running twice a day.

More recently, I transitioned into developing with Meteor.js. Still, I continue to help companies optimize their application's performance.

Here's one example...

One of our clients, WorkLife, is a web and mobile app that helps people run more productive meetings by offering real time collaboration features. Some of their customers include Toyota, Hubspot and Zendesk.

As we began optimizing their app inner workings for maximum efficiency, we identified that one of their publications had the second highest subscribe rate across the application, with an average response time of 2171ms.

Essentially, the problem was that WorkLife's database was doing more work than it had to. After identifying the problem in the database, I added a simple line of code to tell the database to add an index. This small change led to a 15X performance increase. We found this problem in the first few minutes of the code review.

Our comprehensive code review turned up numerous issues that both our team and the WorkLife team worked together to fix, these included other security and best practice issues. Even when you hire the top devs, a code review can reveal things that need fixed.

How do we get started?

At the moment, we only do one Code Review a week, spots get booked out quickly. You can sign up below to get on the waiting list and be notified first when our next slot becomes available. I’ll follow up with a sample contract and a few more questions so we can both see if this will be a good fit.

How do Code Reviews work?

When you sign up for the Code Reviews service, you get all of these:

  • Code Review A comprehensive review that looks at the quality, any security vulnerabilities, etc. of your code base.
  • A Detailed Report A detailed PDF that outline where and how your Javascript application’s performance and security can be improved.
  • A Video Walkthrough A video recording of our walkthrough of your code base, with our comments on how things should be tweaked. This goes hand in hand wiht the PDF report.
How much does this cost?

Code Reviews currently cost $450 per review. You’ll review the contract and pay up front, before receiving the code review and report.

There is no long term commitment, just sign the contract, pay the invoice, and give us access to the code so we can get a quick and professional code review done for you. If you have any questions about the code review or pricing, feel free to contact me.

Josh Owens

I'm the proprietor of, host of Crater Podcast, and open source czar that helped create over 10 Meteor packages and 40 apps in 12 months. When I'm not writing, podcasting, or teaching then you can find me running the Cincinnati Meteor meetup or helping people out over Airpair.